Options To Sue A Drunk Driver

Getting hit by a drunk driver can be one of the scariest moments of a person’s life. In just a matter of seconds,a life can change. After everything calms down,the next step for any person is to seek compensation. That means suing a drunk driver for damages. The questions is,what are the options for people considering this course of action?

For starters,insurance claims are the best way to go in the beginning. There is really no need to file a lawsuit right away,as your- will tell you, because maybe the other driver’s insurance company will work on a settlement instead. They know that if their driver is convicted,there is a great case against them. They will likely try to settle instead of making a person go through the suing process.

Insurance companies are the best way to go at first because they usually act faster. Anyone injured in a drunk driver accident likely needs care right away. Instead of being forced to pay out of pocket,this is the better way to go about things.

One tricky situation is if a person is in a no-fault state. That means that in the beginning,a person will be forced to use their own personal injury protection coverage. Of course,they will likely get compensated by the other driver’s insurance,but not until everything is settled. There are times,especially in no-fault states,when it can take a little bit of extra time.

Suing a drunk driver,or at least threatening to,is really the only way to go in order to properly get paid back. Do what is needed,and everything should be taken care of. It won’t erase the memories of that scary situation,but the bills will be paid and things will get back to normal fairly quickly. Contact a- immediately.

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