Getting Work Comp In Indiana

In the state of Indiana,almost every employer is required to carry work comp insurance for their workers. Work comp is a no-fault type of insurance that offers guaranteed benefits to workers who are injured at the workplace while working for their employer. To enjoy work comp benefits,however,employees have to give up their right to sue their employer for any injuries or illnesses they may develop at the workplace. Getting work comp in Indiana is a pretty straight forward process. The following are steps to take to get work comp benefits.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

When you have been physically injured while doing work assigned to you by your employer,it is crucial you visit a reputable medical facility for treatment. After all,your health comes first. In case of an illness,you should consult a qualified medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment. After getting the medical attention you need,you can think about filing your claim. Please note that your employer may have a list of facilities they prefer,so be sure to check with your employer before seeking treatment,and also notify your hurt on the job .

Step 2: Notify Your Employer

Ideally,injuries should be reported immediately. If you take a couple of days to report an injury you sustained at work,the work comp insurance company of your employer will be skeptical about you claim. That said,Indiana work comp laws provide a 30-day window for reporting injuries. Otherwise,the board can deny a claim.

Step 3: Check if Your Claim Was Filed on time

Work comp laws in Indiana have specific timelines within which claims must be made. If your employer has reported your injury and filed a claim with the Indiana Workers Compensation Board,you should be able to find your claim on the board’s website. If your claim is approved,you will start getting benefits soon afterwards. If your claim is denied,contact a good work comp lawyer .

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